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Every roofing system varies in its design and construction, although certain emergency repair techniques prove more efficient than others. Leveraging our proficiency and understanding of roofing systems, we offer precise insights crucial for pinpointing the source of the issue and implementing the most effective and cost-efficient solution.

Emergency repairs often involve addressing faults or breaches in the roof membrane or terminations, which can be promptly rectified to prevent additional damage to the underlying investment. Whether it’s a recommendation, scheduled repair or quick fix, Austin Roofing & Waterproofing has the solution you’re looking for.

Steel Roofing Systems

Austin Roofing & Waterproofing collaborates directly with top-tier building envelope suppliers, facilitating seamless on-site fabrication tailored precisely to your building’s specifications and technical demands.

Our sheet metal division is a source of pride, specializing in custom sheet metal fabrication on-site, offering a diverse range of metal products and systems currently available in the market.

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Steel Roofing Systems and Sheet Metal Services Include:

  • Commercial Steel Roofing Systems
  • Sloped Steel Roofing Systems
  • Vertical Steel Sidings
  • Custom Steel Fabrications
  • Metal Deck Replacement
  • Metal Cap Flashings
  • Metal Claddings & Finishes
  • Metal Counters & Transitions
TPO Flat Roofing Systems

Austin Roofing & Waterproofing boasts substantial expertise and understanding of the single-ply roofing systems available today, particularly TPO, which stands out as one of the industry’s most prevalent products. As a white rubber roofing material categorized under cool roofing systems, TPO holds a prominent position, and we take pride in our command of this system, having serviced millions of square feet over the years.

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BUR ‘Built-Up’ Roofing Systems

The built-up roofing system, commonly referred to as “tar and gravel,” played a significant role in shaping today’s commercial roofing landscape. These systems, characterized by multiple layers of hot tar and felt, topped with a minimum of one inch of loose gravel, offer several key attributes and advantages.

One notable benefit is the substantial thickness achieved through the layering process, providing enhanced durability and longevity. The application of these layers can be executed using various methods, including hot-applied, cold-applied, or ballasted approaches.

Leading manufacturers in the field of built-up roofing systems include BP, IKO, and Soprema, each recognized for their quality and reliability in delivering preferred solutions.

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Flat Roof Restoration Systems

Over thirty years ago, when fluid-applied roof restoration systems emerged in the commercial roofing sector, our Canadian division at Austin Roofing & Waterproofing pioneered their installations across Ontario. Despite the rise of white rubber technologies, Austin Roofing & Waterproofing remained steadfast in delivering on its core values: Quality, Service, Longevity.

While numerous options exist within fluid-applied roof restoration systems, Austin continues to collaborate with the industry’s largest and most advanced manufacturers to select the most high-performing solution tailored to your building’s envelope and design.

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Fluid-applied roof restorations represent a liquified form of single-ply roll-out membranes, offering a sleek white rubber aesthetic. This option stands out for its superior puncture resistance, reflectivity, cost-effectiveness, and the elimination of countless screws and fasteners penetrating your roof deck. It delivers a seamlessly applied, fully adhered, impregnated roofing system.




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